This weekend of Yin Training with Lynne was the best use of my time and my mind. So much knowledge shared and new connections made with others and our own selves. Lynne is an incredible woman, strong in spirit and massive in energy. Her teachings are clear and thorough while she cultivates a fun and safe space for everyone to learn in. My heart is full, my mind expanded. Thank you Lynne!

Sept. 2017

Welcome to Yoga With Lynne~

It is said that when you are ready your teacher will appear! My wish for you is that you find a teacher that makes you feel safe on your mat. A teacher that creates a space for you to grow in and through your yoga practice. When you find your teacher you won’t feel embarrassed falling out of half-moon pose or crying in Savasana. Your teacher pushes you gently to your edge without making you feel any expectations or judgement. A true teacher guides you to your own personal Sat-Guru, the one that dwells within each of us. If you are already one of my precious students, thank you for sharing your beautiful practice with me. If we have not met yet, please allow me to audition to be your teacher and to help you learn to heal yourself through the ancient wisdom of yoga!

Namaste~ Lynne